Our goal is to ensure that your order gets delivered safely and promptly. If your order arrives damaged, please rest assured that will do all possible to correct the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Inspect Your Order for Visible Damages & take pictures

If your order arrives with visible damages, please while driver still present, note damages on delivery bill, and have driver initial the damges also on delivery bill. Do not refuse your order as your order is insured for damages and we can claim the damage item from transport if they miss handled it. Further to this, refusing your order will only cause delays in processing your claim.The packaging is intended to protect the contents from damage, so if the packaging does Not look right to you and you see damages to the packaging, take photo of the box prior to openining it.  Standard shipping methods include truck or courier services, depending on what you have ordered:

For any small or larger orders that arrive on a truck, please inspect the packages for damage before the driver leaves and ensure you have received all product(s) as indicated on the delivery receipt. It is your responsibility to note any visible damages on the delivery receipt before you sign off to accept your order. Failure to do so will result in your claim being denied. It's also a good idea to snap photos of damaged area and of the box with your mobile phone so that you can later send to us by email.  If no mobile phone available you can use any digital camera.


Report a Claim

Every order shipped by other transport outside of our zone is insured. We purchase sufficient insurance to cover all or most of the value of your order. So if needed we can claim from transports but here are some Very important steps to follow:

You are required to inform us of any damage or defects to your order right away if possible even when driver is with you at the premises. But if not possible for sure you need to write down any damage on delivery slip and have driver initial it.  Once reported, we will send you an email detailing what information is required to properly adjudicate your claim. Failure to inform us of freight damages to your order within the two (2) business days will result in your claim being denied. If a claim is denied, any repairs or replacement parts will be at the cost of the customer. Manufacturer defects reported after the two (2) business days will be treated as a manufacturer warranty claim. Please review our Warranty for further details.


Processing Claims

Considering the supplier and manufacturer policy of the item you ordered, we reserve the right to replace, repair, or discount any product(s) in question on a case by case basis. Many defects and damages are very minor in nature, which can be easily fixed by a professional furniture technician (if one is available in your area). If you do not want to have it repaired, a discount can be offered to help facilitate repairs. If the damage or defect cannot be fixed, replacement goods and/or parts will be issued as necessary.


What To Do With Damaged or Defective Items

Keep the item and the box and contact us for details on what to do with the damaged item. If damage is severe and items needs to be replaced we will ask the supplier or manufacturer and if they allow you to discard or donate the item then we will inform you of this. is not responsible for discarding or donating of damage items authorized for replacement by suppliers. You may not discard or donate any item even damaged without prior authorization as such action will deny your claim.



Due to photography, your computer screen and lighting, cannot guarantee that the finish of product you received is exactly as what is pictured. Also not guaranteed: Natural wood characteristics, wood grains consistency, colour variations, dye tones on fabrics and leather.  These occurrences are not viewed as damages or defects and therefore claims are denied.