Wrranty For Canadian Made Products:
One year warranty is offered for Canadian made products against manufacturer
defects. Manufacturere defect included in the warranty are: Wood warping, wood cracking at a controlled temperature environment, cracks (not cuts) in leather due natural causes, fading of fabric used in reasonable environment under normal conditions. This warranty is for ONE year and only covers Manufacturer defects.


Imported Furniture Warranty:

Imported Products Warranty varies from supplier to supplier. FurnitureWarehouseDeals.Com follows the warranty of the supplier for the products imported. If supplier agrees to exchange a product at no cost to customer, then FWD will initiate replacement. If the supplier warranty is part replacement that option of the warranty is passed on to customer. Furniturewarehousedeals.com is not liable for any warranty outside of what is offered by the suppliers. Most suppliers are good to deal with and they stand behind their products. If they see that the product is genuinely defected they will replace that product if available. If not available then they will offer discount or another similar product. Many issues can be easily resolved with part replacement especially since most of the imported products are KD (knock down). Imported products warranty time varies from supplier to supplier ranging from 3 month to 1 year. If you still wish to obtain warranty info prior to purchasing an imported product, please email to us at sales@fwdealz.com and we will find answer to your question.